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Nursery Gardening

Pumices, Lapilli, Zeolites and volcanic mixtures, due to their peculiar properties of porosity and light weight, are being commonly used in various ornamental and horticultural cultivations. Mixed with organic compost and fertilizers of various nature they are a great draining skeleton with good water retention properties and interchanging of chemical elements involved in the plants nutrition.


CULTIVATION SUBSTRATES AND MOULDS: preparation of professional culture substrates, specific and universal for nursery and for horticultural in protected areas, mixed with organic substrates of different nature (peat, coconut fibre, rice husk,, and so on .); availability of granulation e sand in different sizes for the cultivation, for rooting and seeding in containers of various sizes.

CULTIVATION OUTSIDE OF THE GROUND: pumices and lapillus are widely used in hydroponic cultivations of the ornamental type (roses, gerberas, lilium, anthurium, and so on) and of the horticultural type (tomatoes, melons, aubergine, zucchini, and so on) pure or mixed with organic substrates of different nature (peat, coconut fibre, rice husk, and so on).

FULL FIELD: improving the hydrologic properties of heavy grounds, tenacious and/or too sandy, loose, excessively dry, for cultivations with high income (vineyards, olive-grove, horticultural cultivations, grass carpets, and so on).

Examples of Applications

Botanical Garden in Turin

Mix of Pumice 3-7 and Lapillus 5-10 made specifically for the cultivation of succulent plants in greenhouses.

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