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The precious inert materials of Europomice are being used in different INDUSTRIAL BRANCHES, contributing the construction of:

• Compounds for furbishing, abrasive gels

    • FOR OBJECTS: Mixtures based on PUMICE powder. Pumice allows to furbish restore easily: brass, pewter, silver, metals, marble, rocks and so on.
    • SOAPS, PASTES AND HANDWASHING-GELS specials for removing persisting dirt like grease and paint, destined for professional spaces exposed to risks caused by paint, enamels, ink, resins and silicones on the hands. The pumice, due to surfactants present in products for hand-washing, is able to attack the rest dirt present in the depth of skin porosities, in hand’s folds and around the nails, giving the hands their natural and soft looking.


• Dentistry

The most advanced technologies are applied in this sector maintaining the traditional craftsmen work.
Most attention is paid to fabrication cycles of dental prosthesis and the abrasive compounds actually applied in dental technology worldwide. The best quality standards of interventions on natural teeth or on dental prosthesis are springing out of the relationship between the dentist and dental technician.
Therefore, it is an important application of pumice in the finishing work for both, the dentist (polishing and whitening of natural teeth) and the dental technician (operations of smoothness and polishing of dental prosthesis made of polymeric resins).

• Barbecue in lava flows

Barbecue made in Volcanic Lapillus.

• Biofilters in Zeolite

Industrial water treatments by using Zeolite.

• Gradual release of fertilizers

Gradual release of fertilizers by means of ion exchange of Zeolite contained in potting soil.

• Agent for chemical catalysts

Pumice is an excellent support for the catalysts. In fact, this material is offering the possibility to increase the contact surface of the reagents with the catalysts.
Also Zeolite is being used due to its ionisation properties.

• Stonewash for textiles

Pumice is used for industrial washings and denim tissue treatments.

• Grinding and abrasives

Dried Pumice due to its slight abrasive property, is used in various mixtures for abrasive tools.

• Polishing of car bodies

Dried Pumice, due to its slight abrasive property, can be used in polishing compounds for metals in body shops and more.

• Sandblastings

Pumice Sand is particularly suitable for pressurised air or water sandblastings.