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EUROPOMICE S.r.l. is a mining company that, through the conscious exploitation of its mineral resources, over the years has gained a leading position in the production and marketing of inert volcanic materials, such as PUMICE, LAPILLUS, ZEOLITE and VOLCANIC MIXTURES, which meet the needs of the following sectors: nursery gardening, technical green spaces, the building industry and is also active in the market of flux minerals for the ceramic industry.

The Company started its activity of extraction and production of inert volcanic materials at the end of the 1980s, by taking over and improving some existing production units in the area on the border between the Tuscany and Lazio Regions, in the area around Lake Bolsena.

Production plants

01 - Pumice Quarry - Pitigliano (GR)

Pumice Quarry Loc. Poggio Nardeci

SP 127 Pantano Km 9
58017 Pitigliano (GR)
Tel. 0564617090
Coordinate Google Maps Poggio Nardeci

02 - Pumice and Zeolite Quarry - Tessennano (VT)

Pumice and Zeolite Quarry Loc. Riserva Muraccio
01010 Tessennano (VT)
Tel. 3487019592
Coordinates Google Maps Tessennano

03 - Lapillus Quarry - Cellere (VT)

Lapillus Quarry Loc. Monte Cellere
SS 312, Km 27,500
01010 Cellere (VT)
Tel. 0761586817
Coordinates Google Maps Monte Cellere

04 - Pumice Quarry - Arlena di Castro (VT)

Pumice Quarry Loc. Spiniccio
01010 Arlena di Castro (VT)
Coordinates Google Maps Arlena di Castro

05 - Dried Pumice Production Quarry - Castel Giorgio (TR)

Dried Pumice and Zeolite Production Quarry Loc. Castel Giorgio
Via Maremmana 68
05013 Castel Giorgio (TR)
Tel. 0763551390
Coordinates Google Maps Castel Giorgio

06 - Feldspar mine - Siniscola (NU)

Feldspar mine Loc. San Simplicio
Coordinates Google Maps San Simplicio – Siniscola

07 - Sales departments and logistic - Pitigliano (GR)

Sales departments, logistic and mixture preparation site of inert volcanic materials Loc. Corano
SR Maremmana Km 45,300
58017 Pitigliano (GR)
Tel 0564-616041 – Fax 0564-614147
Coordinates Google Maps Corano

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